4 abr. 2012

SONG-O-RONGA : Canciones cantadas por chicas

(01 Babysitting Blues, Elizabeth Shue) (02 At Last, Phoebe Snow) (03 A Woman Left Lonely, Janis Joplin) (04 Actor Out of Work, St. Vincent) (05 Kiss with a Fist, Florence + The Machine) (06 O que me importa, Marisa Monte) (07 Your Honor, Regina Spektor) (08 The Sun the Trees, Russian Red) (09 Miss Chatelaine, k.d. Lang) (10 Mister Spain, Aretha Franklin) (11 Love Is a Losing Game, Amy Winhouse) (12 Le baiser permanent, Cloralie Clement) (13 Kiss Me like You Mean It, The Magnetic Fields) (14 Jardín japonés, La Dulce) (15 Mi barco, Eli-U) (16 El cosechero, Liliana Herrero) (17 Inflammatory Wit, Joanna Newsom) (18 Born Never Asked, Laurie Anderson) (19 Sprawl II, Arcade Fire) (20 Scarlet Town, Gillian Welch) (21 Caramel, Suzanne Vega) (22 Rio 40 graus, Fernanda Abreu) (23 Tem que viver, Fernanda Porto) (24 No hables, Erica García) (25 That's All, Claire and The Reasons)

TORNAD-O-RONGO : Canciones acompañadas con viento

(01 The Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding) (02 I Come In Please, Edward Sharpe) (03 Blow your Mind, Jamiroquai) (04 Me, Erykah Badu) (05 My Favorite Things, OutKast) (06 Skat, Canned Heat) (07 Let's Stick Together, Bryan Ferry) (08 Let's Make this Precious, Dexy's Midnight Runners) (09 Unchain My Heart, Ray Charles) (10 Step Into My Office, Baby, Belle & Sebastian) (11 In The Middle, James Brown) (12 The Soldiering Life, The Decemberists) (13 Nothing Gets Crossed Out, Bright Eyes) (14 Let's Dance, M. Ward) (15 Materialismo, Las Manos de Filippi) (16 Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas, Sumo) (17 Union Square, Tom Waits) (18 Wild Saxophone, Stray Cats) (19 Thursday, Morphine) (20 BaBopBye Ya, Janelle Monáe) (21 The Man Who Sailed around his Soul, XTC) (22 Cua Cua Ra, Cua Cua, Héctor Lavoe) (23 Late at Night, The Iguanas) (24 Northern Lites, Super Furry Animals) (25 Don't Let Me Lose this Dream, Aretha Franklin) (26 Fuerteventura, Russian Red) (27 Mercurio, Los Cocineros) (28 Fistful of Love, Antony and the Johnsons) (29 More Trouble Every Day, Frank Zappa) (30 All of my Thoughts, Spiritualized) (31 One of these Days, Pink Floyd)

Talking Heads - Houses in Motion

Otis Redding - (Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bay

31 mar. 2012